Give us a new mail class!!


Right so – I’ve been sat on this feeling for a little while and it’s certainly something which has come across my mind in both Mists, and Legion, with the introduction of Monk and Demon Hunter respectively.

Where is the new mail class?

When the game began we had:

Two plate classes,

Two mail classes,

Two leather classes,

Three cloth classes

Which is fine, and fairly balanced. However, as we’ve seen the game develop, we’ve ended up with a new plate class, and two new leather classes. This leaves mail trailing behind at two, while plate and cloth have three classes to pick from and leather have now four.

Whats the deal with that? Or are Blizzard planning on making some changes or introducing a new mail class i the next expansion? The latter seems unlikely seeing as we had a new class in Legion, and are probably more likely to receive a new playable race (or two).

I’m not sure what I’d make as a new mail class but I definitely know we should have one. Perhaps thats the issue though – maybe Blizzard doesn’t know either, and they’d rather wait until they have the perfect idea in place.

If I had to spitball some ideas right now, I’d probably go ahead and say the following:

Brawler/Berserker style fighter – with a dps spec and a tanking spec, similar to warrior but perhaps a little more in your face, and certainly faster due to not being armoured to the nines. Could be specific to some races, typically troll/orc for horde and human/dwarf for alliance.

Necromancer – almost a fan favourite as a cross class to the Diablo series. Perhaps a little out of place in mail, but it’s not impossible. Would definitely have a dps specialisation, maybe healing using dark magic, and maybe even a tank spec? Using pets etc.

A witchdoctor class – again similar to necromancer in that its a fan favourite in Diablo. No reason whatsoever this couldn’t wear mail, and could give a sort of shaman feel to it, with maybe more of a flair for crowd control. Could again potentially be all specs, but more likely is damage dealing and healing.

Those are of course off the top of my head, and having had a quick search online there are certainly plenty of other ideas out there that are all excellent and go into a lot of detail. But more importantly, I want to know what everyone else thinks. So in the comments answer these for me:

Do you think we are ready for a new mail class?

What class ideas you have and whats the likelihood Blizzard would implement them?

Until next time!


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