Has Legion killed Alts?


I’m not sure how many people have asked themselves this over the past 8 months or so – but is Legion a bit of an alt killer?

I’m a little bit torn on this. Personally I love levelling alts, and having one of each class at level 100 by the end of Warlords was a personal achievement and I was really happy with that. Even still, I am now half way there to getting all classes to 110, now having 6 of the 12 capped.

This isn’t my issue at all, personally I love the new questing zones and I’m able to cap a character pretty quickly now, knowing the most efficient routes and paths to take.

My issue, is the further maintenance of the characters at 110. I personally feel like the emissary quests are almost necessary, or at least, I feel like I am cheating myself if I don’t do them, on all of my alts and my main. Why is this? The legendaries. I’ve seen a lot of people say things like “If you don’t want to do the quests, then don’t and just don’t get the rewards from them.” – which I totally appreciate and understand. I for one though, feel like they are almost a requirement. That juicy chance on a piece of orange is too good to pass up, especially when the legendaries tend too be good until late levelling in then next expansion, and we’re able to get more than one and wear two (currently anyway).


This isn’t much of a moan, but I sort of reflect on these emissary quests like “If I have 6 characters, that need 4 quests a day, that’s going to take 30 mins a character, thats 3 hours dropped just for the chance of orange.”

So is that worth it? I already work a full time job, so coming home to do 3 hours of quests a night, only getting to play on the weekend then, isn’t really worth it for me anymore.

How does that reflect on you that raid and work full time? I stopped raiding with my guild because I wanted to focus on levelling alts and enjoying the game my way again, but are there any players that manage to juggle a handful of alts emissary quests while keeping status and attendance in a raiding guild?

All I really know now, is that now that 7.2 is out, I am not going to be completing these quests every day, to ensure that I can make the most of the new content on my main. I’m sure that the changes to flying will change how people feel about these quests, but I suppose we will see!

Let me know what you think about the emissary quests in the comments and give me some feedback on how you manage your alts and raiding career all at once!


2 thoughts on “Has Legion killed Alts?

  1. My question is: Is ‘killing alts’ must be considered a bad thing?
    Long ago, only few players had a full army of alts. Most people had a main and few (like 1-3) alts, with clear distiction between main and alts. The main was the raider (if the player was the raider), then main character which is the more invested in most aspects of the game.
    The alts, on the other hand, were mainy experiments with other rolls or ideas, some of them where leveled to make it possible for one of them to replace the main one day. But that was it. It was usually very clear who’s the main and who are the alts.

    Then it started to change.
    As the game – especially in WoD, became dull in its content, leveling became quick and challangeless, and the game more and more switched from focusing in immersion to focusing on “collecting” – sometimes even obssessive collecting – of achievements, pets, mounts, and also alts.

    Now, when Blizzard tried to listen (at least partially) to the critiques about the lack of content, they found themselves “trapped” with the results of years of lacking content, aka, the army of alts collected by many players. Players that no longer have enough by leveling an alt to max level and toying with it a bit, but refer to alts nearly as a “group of mains” or very close to it.

    See, there is no good solution here.

    If the content is so quick and easy to finish, so anyone can finish it 10+ times before the next update (and still have a lift outside WoW), it means that there’s not much real content, and people that are main-focused will burn through it very quickly and become bored and frustrated.

    On the other hand – go the other way, and the “alt army” people will start to complain.

    Another, but even worse possibilty, is giving artificial boosts to every character in any task you already did with another character. That’s bad, because different characters play though different ways – they differ in abilities, proffesions, class stories and many other things.
    Plus, it will entirly open the gate into a flood of too many characters that will endanger the game’s balance (what’s left of it), and will open the way to many kinds of loopholes and abuses.

    I do support *some* compromising of alt leveling (like making AP gathering *a bit* more quick, ignoring or mitigating some reputation demands or so), but no more then that. Otherwise, its “The tail wagging the dog”, and a habbit born by lack of content taking other and making it hard to develop and release content-rich, slower-paced and more challanging content in the future.


    1. Thanks for the comment amnastaria. Interesting points you’ve made and to be honest I agree with what you’ve said. I hadn’t really considered that people are finished levelling alts and Blizzard have been relying on this as an alternative thing to do for players.

      You’ve actually probably turned my entire outlook on the game. Although the point of my article wasn’t to express that it was good or bad for Legion to be killing alts, but more so to point out that it might be. Although now you’ve expressed it in this way, I believe that you’re right, it’s not a bad thing. Especially going forward this could end up being good and give Blizzard a reason to implement more for player’s main characters, in terms of content.


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