Top 5 classes in Legion

I get a lot of people asking me what the best classes in Legion are, and definitely asking which are the most fun to play. So, I’ve created this article to give a bit of insight into that and why! Hope you enjoy, and if you did please follow and share.

5. Rogue


So in at number 5, we have Rogue. They’re stealthy and zip around the map, taking out enemies with knives and poisons, or straight up in your face, using grappling hooks to jump around, and big swords to run through their enemies.

They’ve made this list because their new Outlaw, pirate based specification is just fantastic to play and is really awesome. I advise anyone who hasn’t yet to give it a try! Also their class quest line through the order hall is amazing, and really solid. Plus, something feels really good about delving into the Sewers as a hideout.

4. Deathknight


Number 4 brings us Deathknights, the all powerful undead. They can dish out insane damage at the moment, and the ability to tank as well who wouldn’t want one?

Deathknights come in at number 4 due to their power, and their ability to take down a large number of enemies in a small amount of time, making them great for levelling and questing. Only thing they really lack is speed increases!

3. Paladin


A small love of mine, Paladin, I’ve brought in at number 3 on the list. Was trying my hardest to not show any bias towards this class, and hopefully thats been accomplished.

Paladins are staple in any raid at the moment. Their healing and tanking abilities are very strong, as always. As far as dps goes, who honestly doesn’t want to bring along an almighty warrior wielding the legendary Ashbringer to any fight? Paladins have a lot of swiftness for moving between objectives and are typically very strong in both single target soloing and taking on lots of enemies at once.

2. Mage


Mage – the penultimate on the list. One of the zippiest classes available, with a lot of movement around the map via blink, and the ability to teleport all over the place instead of having to run.

I’ve put mage in at number two because frankly the artefact appearances just look incredible and I couldn’t be prouder of Blizzard on them. Besides this, their class order hall campaign is just amazing and a lot of fun. Anyone who hasn’t tried a mage yet definitely needs to!

1. Hunter


How could it not come in at number 1? Hunter provides such a great experience this expansion and honestly it almost replaced my paladin as a main. The class quests are great and flow really nicely, and the artifacts look awesome.

I want to point out as well, the new addition of the melee spec works fantastically and gives the class a completely different feel. If you’re playing BM or MM at the moment, I urge you to try Survival.

So that was my top 5 of the expansion. Let me know your top 5 in the comments below and why! If you liked this article and want more follow me for the latest updates!


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