Why alts are important


There are lots of reasons why having more than one character can be beneficial, even if we are halfway (maybe??) through the expansion. I’m hoping to cover a few of those reasons in this post and hopefully give some insight to the people that stick to one character, and maybe give them a reason to make some more characters.


The levelling process is really smooth now. OK – so around 50-90 can be a bit of a drag sometimes, and many people absolutely dread going back to Hellfire Peninsula, or anywhere in Mists, but as far as I’m concerned, all the Warlords zones are really quick now, especially if you have flying (which if you don’t, you should really go and do). Furthermore, the Legion zones are almost a bit of a delight, they take no time at all and you can quick easily cap a character in a day or so if following the correct process, which I hope to detail in a later blog.


Once you’re 110

Let’s talk about professions, first and foremost. I know, you’ve heard this a million times. But what if you didn’t have to pay for a subscription anymore? I personally use all my level 100+ characters as Alchemists and Engineers (apart from my main), to make a stream of Sky Golems every single month. Sure – I have to log in for 2 minutes each day to each character, but once it’s done, it’s done. This is obviously just one example of how alts can make you a ton of money just by crafting.

Another note on professions, if you decide that alch and engineering aren’t for you, get a whole range of professions. Any materials or products you’ll need in the future you can farm and make yourself from scratch without spending a copper on the auction house.


Later on…

So, you’re an all powerful Fury Warrior, with big ol’ swords, and the ability to smash people’s faces really quickly. You wake up the next day and realise that actually, you want to try healing.

Well – if you don’t have a shaman or druid or something ready to go, you’re going to be either dropping money on a boost or leveling one up from scratch, with absolutely no preparation.

If instead though you have a bunch of alts to choose from , that gap is going to nowhere near as big, the character may even already be level 110. With Artifact Power changes meaning you can cap off the basic talents for a weapon really quickly, theres no reason you can’t hop on a new character and smash out some LFR to catch up, even the crafted gear changes and the low prices for Obliterum (on my server anyway) can help to bridge the gap in item level between your main and any alt you may want to play in the future.


Much later on…

What about next expansion? What if you decide to reroll completely for the next expansion? It’s going to be much easier if you already have an LFR geared alt, which could potentially even have a legendary if you’ve been keeping up with emissary quests on it.

These are just a few things to note – there are obviously many other benefits. Let me know in the comments below if you can think of any I haven’t put here, because they may help someone else in the future reading this post! Until then, follow if you liked my content and you’ll be notified whenever I post new content.


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