How to make your first 100k WoW Gold


Gold is what runs everything in WoW. You can use it to buy gear, new mounts, recipes and materials for crafting, and even your subscription. I’m going to talk today about how I made my first 100k which should hopefully get the ball rolling for you.

I know how it feels to be struggling to pay the repair bills, or to be sitting on between 5 and 10k gold, but hopefully I can change your outlook on making money and help you increase that, so lets get started!

To begin with…

There are some really important things you need to know, and some things you will just have to accept if you ever want to be in a position where you can pay for your subscription with gold.

  • You need alts: the more characters you have, the more gold you will make. It’s really as simple as that.
  • This is going to take time: the sooner you accept that there is no ‘quick fix’ to make gold, the better. Sure, some people make thousands overnight by finding some rare flip, but as soon as people find out about it the profit margins will drop. So you either need to be patient or very lucky to get to a position you are happy with.
  • Don’t waste money: I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but buying that 3k pet from the AH actually really damages you when you’re just getting started. You want to be the person selling the pets. Buy things when you have money, until then scrimp and save.


Important things to look at…

TradeSkillMaster Addon (TSM) – literally couldn’t live without this now. I use it for all my buying and selling, and you should too. There are more complex ways to use the entire package and there are plenty of video guides on youtube. Click here to see the TSM website.

Undermine Journal – This can give you average or median prices as well as current prices for your server. Check it out, and use it to ensure you are selling at the right time. More on this later, but click here to go to The Undermine Journal.

Right, now we can start…

The following steps should help you to achieve somewhere close to 100k. From there you should know a bit more about making money and can use that money to make even more. This guide is assuming you have a character thats at least level 100, and you are starting from 0 gold.

I sent all my gold from my warrior to my main in order to get some more accurate figures here. Warrior is of average gear, 858 with Prydaz. Here is the starting screenshot:


Now we’re going to go and clear all of the Cataclysm raids on 25 man heroic (also there are mount chances!). These are as follows, with my times on clearing and gold made in each instance (links are to Wowhead page for each raid):

  • Firelands, Gold made: 1453g 83s 98s, Time taken: 12 mins 32 secs
  • Dragon Soul, Gold made: 1675g 69s 89c, Time taken: 22 mins 26 secs

My final figure for completing all of these raids, and just vendoring absolutely everything, except some trade skill materials with a personal estimated value of ~250g, was 5485g, totalling ~5735g once materials are sold. Base figure can be seen in the screenshot below:

Note the cheeky Experiment 12-B I picked up in Dragon Soul!

Next up, you’re going to go and do all of the WoTLK raids (more mounts!). Once again, you’re going to vendor everything – EXCEPT PETS. The pets are what you are looking out for here, as they will make you some decent cash. Here is a list of the raids, with pets (links are to the item, and drop rates have been estimated on  Wowhead so accuracy is uncertain):


Trial of the Crusader

Icecrown Citadel

Here is a screenshot with results from running this on my warrior after doing the cataclysm raids (I have the gold from my cata raids also):


Gold total: 7822g 63s 54c

I looked at the average price of the pets I got on Undermine Journal to give an estimate of where we are now in terms of gold. These were as follows:

This brings our total to approximately 23,300g when my items have sold (if they were netting the average EU price). Obviously, repeating this every week, or on multiple characters will help you reach your goals quicker.

Whats next?

OK – so now you should be sat on a fair amount of gold (once the pets have sold). It’s probably time to start looking at the auction house and your professions.

Make use of The Undermine Journal that was spoken about earlier in the guide. You can use this to see what prices items are currently, and also when they sell for the best price.

Click here to see an example.

At the time I did this, the Dreamleaf sold for around 7 gold 60 on a Wednesday afternoon, but sold for around 14 gold 60 on a Sunday afternoon. Find something like this and buy some of it during in the cheap period. Wait until the next high price selling time is, and resell it. Make sure yours are definitely listed for higher than you bought them for, and that they are also the cheapest available on the auction house.


  • Prices will be different on every server, so don’t take my item as above to be a good example for you, you need to find your own.
  • This method involves taking risks. Your purchases should be smart, and don’t buy  lots of one item to resell, or you may end up being left with a lot of stock and no money. For example, its better to make 10 gold per flask from 2 different types of flask at a stock of 20 or 30, then it is to make 25  gold per flask at a stock of 100 flasks.
  • Once again, there is no guarantee that this will make money like the raids will. There is risk and it requires patience to do this.

OK – now what?

By now, you’ve made a little bit of money from flipping some things on the auction house and doing some old raids. The question you’re probably going to have now, is what’s next? Here are a few answers to that:

To make your 100k – you will need to keep flipping on the auction house or running the raids. You can keep buying and reselling items with a higher profit margin as you get more and more capital to do so with, just remember the risks involved, and try to use these to get a feel for your server’s market, and determine what items will sell for the best price at the highest speed.

Want more money? – start looking at professions. Make use of The Undermine Journal to determine material prices vs end product prices. So as an example, for an alchemist, if you know that the herbs you need to make a potion sell for cheapest on a Saturday, and the potion you would be making sells best on a Wednesday, stock up on Saturday. Make the potions over the next few days, and get them up on the Auction House for a more profitable sale on the Saturday.


Reminder – Don’t spend your money just because you have it. Once you have your 100k, its going to be far easier to get your next. If you want something that costs 50k, make sure you set yourself a bottom margin safety net. If you know that you need 75k to earn a decent amount of money playing the auction house and crafting, ensure you get to 125k before making that 50k purchase.

Thats all for now – sorry for the long post but making money in WoW something which cannot be explained in just a few lines. I hope to create another article soon with details on getting to your first million from 100k. Until then, make sure to follow my blog for more updates, and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you!


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