Making gold from scratch (continuation of How to make your first 100k)


Thanks for all the feedback on my last post, was much appreciated and my guide seemed to be well received and a lot of you liked what I’d written.

I was trying to give potentially timeless advice on how to make your first 100k (click to see my previous guide if you missed it), without including any advice on current professions or even the current expansion, so that if someone reads the blog in the next 3 or 4 years it will hopefully still help them.

Today, I wanted to expand on the last guide with a few more basic methods you can use to make gold from complete scratch. I’ll be attempting to make this timeless also, so that the methods will still work sometime down the line.

This isn’t going to be quite on the 100k mark of making money, but it should be enough to at least get you started with playing the Auction House, or pick up your flasks for your next raid, so lets get cracking!

Embersilk Farm

Okay so this one is a really simple one that shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes or so. This is going to be better on a tailor due to Cloth Scavenging but you should still make some gold on this regardless.

You need to fly over to Bastion of Twilight in the Twilight Highlands, run it on 25 man heroic and pull all of the trash in the first room. Run out after looting, reset and do it again, until you max out your instances.

Here is the results from doing this on my tailor:


This is:

  • 569g 84s 55c
  • 921 Embersilk
  • 3 Lockboxes valued roughly at 45g each

Here is the results from doing this on a non-tailor:


This is:

  • 536g 40s 3c
  • 352 Embersilk
  • 4 Lockboxes valued roughly at 45g each

If we then take the average EU price of Embersilk, and apply it to both of these farms you will see that we have made (link is to Undermine Journal page for data):


Raw gold: ~570g + Boxes: 135g +  Embersilk: (921 x 2.26g) = 2786g 46s


Raw gold: ~535g + Boxes: 180g +  Embersilk: (352 x 2.26g) = 1510g 52s

Zul’Farak Transmog Farms

You can get some pretty good money and may even luck out and get something a bit more expensive. I wanted to list all the items that are available here and price them up with average prices, but frankly there are just far too many. I would instead do the following if you are interested in this as a source of income.

Start by traveling to Zul’Farak in Tanaris, at the bottom of Kalimdor. Here is a screenshot of the location within Tanaris:


Once here you will want to just group up absolutely everything, kill it all and loot it all. If you have been running frequent TSM scans on the auction house, you will see what prices any greens are on the auction house.

Regardless of this, keep all the greens and list them up because it will all stack up. If anyone does attempt this method, please comment below and let me know how it went!

Pet Farms

This was mentioned in the other guide, and I went into detail on farming some of the Wrath of the Lich King raids to get some pets. Here though I’m actually referring to something else.

You receive Pet Charms for doing most pet related things in World of Warcraft at the moment. World Quests give them, and you can still go back to Garrison from Warlords, and farm up some Pet Charms there.

Here is a link to the Wowhead page for Pet Charm sources.

You might be thinking “Great, I can get all these Charms, so what?” – well the truth is that these charms can be used to get some popular items and pets which well sell for a good amount on the auction house.

As an example of how you can make money with this, you can buy toys and pets from the Pet Store in Dalaran, located as per the screenshot below:


An example purchase, would be something like the Indestructible Bone toy. You can pick this up in this location for 50 Pet Charms, and sell it on the auction house at an average EU price of 11500g.

This is a really quick way to utilise extra charms you have sitting around. And remember, the source above doesn’t include world quests! So ensure to check those out too. Use Undermine Journal to compare current item prices vs the charms you will have to spend to maximise your profits!

I am hoping that these few ideas may just be a few more bits to help you get your feet off the ground and get some more money in your pocket. Keep your eyes fixed to this blog, follow it you like, and look to the WoWEconomy subreddit for more tips! Thanks for reading, feedback is always appreciated.


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